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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:38:02 +0100 From: russian girls amatures Tony Subject: 'Rich and Me' Part 1.If naked russian man you are under 18 please leave The following story contains male/male sex, if you are likely to be offended please leave. This story is not copyright it is given free of tie to Nifty. All comments good or bad to Happy reading "Rich and Me" Since I had admitted to myself three years ago that I was gay I had dreamed some pretty good dreams but this one was the tops. A hot soft mouth was gliding up and down my very hard cock, and it was taking all of me russian girlsex as the lips went right down into my pubic hair then slowly back again to let the tongue swirl around the head before sliding back down my rock hard dick. I was fairly well built for my age, 15, I had a good seven inches and it was pretty thick. This guy was thumb russian taking it all with no trouble, he was about my age I couldn't see his face but he was fairly well built as I was, his hair was the same colour as mine in fact it could almost be my young brother..............then something clicked in my brain and I opened my eyes, it was my young brother, it wasn't a dream at all. I could hardly believe it, my wildest dream russian photo forum come true, I looked at all the guys in the changing rooms but the guy I wanted most was Rich my 14y/o brother I loved him very much and not just as sex russian girl a brother. "Rich, what are you doing" I whispered, he jumped a foot in the air. "Oh Christ russian transexuals John, I'm ever so sorry, please forgive me" his face had drained of all colour and he girls sex xxx russian looked so crestfallen. "It's OK Rich don't worry" I said, "Are you gay?" 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We didn't need to swallow, our dicks were so far down our throats that we were pumping our hot creamy milk straight into our gullets. When we were both drained with nothing nude russian boys photos more to give we fell back satiated with pleasure and happiness. When I had recovered I turned round and looked down into my young brothers face, I don't think I had ever seen him so happy. I refer to him as young brother but in russian angel nude actual fact he was only 10 months younger than me, I guess our parents didn't russian female orgasm wait very long russian porno party after I was born before they were at it again. non nude russian photography I must be honest, nude russian girls videos if I was in bed with my Dad I wouldn't want to wait, he was built like a stallion, 9 inches at least and thick as a babies arm. "Can I kiss you Rich" I asked, his eyes lit up and he lifted his head to mine and our lips joined and within seconds his tongue was in my mouth. I didn't deserve to be this happy. gay russian boys The kiss lasted for almost ten minutes as fast as his tongue left my mouth mine followed it into his and we carried out an oral duel backwards and forwards. We had to part in the end to get our breath, "So little Brother how big tit russian movies come you know so much about swallowing my cock" I asked. "I just followed the way they did it on a site called Nifty" he replied. "I didn't know you looked at Nifty, you must have deleted your history, I always did that thinking you were russian male porn russian family nudism straight" I said. "I thought I was straight until two years ago when I realised that no regular guy would go out of his way to look at his brothers dick and then wank off over it, It was never russian erotica galleries a girls tits free tpg russian or fanny in my mind, it was always 14yo russian you" Rich sexy russian girl nue answered. "This is so stupid" I said, "For two years we have been beating our meat thinking about each other when all the time we could have been doing each other" "You can do me just any time you like" said Rich, "Provided I can do you" "Have you ever sucked me before" I asked. "No never" he replied, "I've layed here watching you play wishing I could do russian huge tits it for you, a couple of times I have fondled your dick while you were asleep but tonight I couldn't stop myself, I had to have you in my mouth, I naked russian blondes love you so much John" "I love you to Rich, until now I haven't been able to show it, from now on we can kiss and hug as much as we like, but I don't think we should do it in school or in the Mall, I don't think goth russian incest the world is ready for that. Do you look at the guys in the changing rooms?" "Of course I do, some of them are beautiful, but most of them russian amateur hardcore are smaller russian sex outside than me, there are one or two who are bigger but I have only seen them soft but the only one I have wanted to touch was sleeping just inches away from me" Rich replied. "I am the same" I said, "I sometimes wonder whether other guys are looking me the way I look at them, I have to fight to stop getting a hardon, but when you are stripping off I am fighting a losing battle, I expect you have noticed. So often I have pretended to be asleep so that I could watch hot russian redheaded babes you play with this beautiful thing and when you shot your cum over your chest I always shot without even moving. Have you ever thought of doing anything else" I asked. "You mean like fucking" Rich asked.............. I just nodded "Yes all the time, I wondered whether I could take this beauty in my bum and russians fucking porno feel my big brother fill my belly with hot thick small naked russian kids cum" said Rich. "After having this thing in my throat I guess I should stop free russian porn movie calling you little brother, I reckon our two dicks must be twins, as I took a close up just now it was just like looking at myself in the mirror. Just anytime you want to make love just do it, I love you so much Rich" I said. "Me too" he answered, "I think we better sleep if we are going to make the bus in the morning but tomorrow do you think we can go a hot russian thongs step further?" "You bet, I can hardly wait, hold me tight Rich" I said. Rich surprised me next morning when at breakfast he said , "Mum, would you mind if I pushed my russian ndue celebrity pictures bed closer to John's, as I sit at the computer the chair is hard against the bed and there is no room russian kidds porn to move?" "Why not" answered Mum, "It's your bedroom, as long as I can still make the beds" "I can't believe you asked Mum that" I said as we walked to the bus. "Well I have just discovered my brother is my lover, I don't want him to fall between the beds as I try to kiss him" he said with a laugh "Only kiss him" I said naked russian lollitas and we both laughed. As we passed in the corridor between lessons, Rich whispered, "I love you" and moved russian bueaty straight on. At blonde russian boy naked lunch we sat at the same table with our friends as usual, the only difference was that we sat side by side ans a couple of times he squeezed my hand under the table, Rich was making all the moves not because I didn't want to but I was scared I might embarass him. As soon as we arrived home Rich went up to the bedroom to start his homework while I chatted to Mum in the kitchen. After about fifteen minutes I went up to change my clothes, I had no sooner stepped through the bedroom door than Rich grabbed me, pushing the door shut with his bum and leaning against it, his left arm went round my shoulders and his right hand grabbed my dick. I was semi hard as I walked up the stairs and within 2 sex images russian seconds of Rich touching me I was rock hard, two seconds after that my zip nude russian ballerina was down and my lover/brother was squeezing my naked cock. I planted my mouth on his and naturism russian jpg forced my tongue between his lips, correction, he sucked my tongue into his mouth as if he was trying to drag it out by the roots. My hand discovered that Richs' zip was already down so I grasped his solid cock, it felt as if I was touching myself we were so much alike, I made a mental note to compare dicks later. "I want you so much Rich" I whispered. "No more than I want you, later I want to feel your monster dick sliding inside me, it's called incest but in your case it's called inbrother, I'm not sure adult russian forums I can wait five hours for you to make love to me." said Rich. We parted and I opened the door slightly before changing out of my school clothes and Rich carried on with his homework. Mums voice came up the strairs, "Would you boys like anything special for dinner" in a quiet voice my brother said, "John's sausage in a burger bun with plenty of white sauce" "What was that" called Mum. "Sausage casserole would be nice" I called out. We both roared with laughter and I said, "Be careful you know Mum has got pretty good hearing" We had to be careful at dinner, I was sitting in my usual place across from Rich, we were both barefoot and every now and then I would feel his toes rubbing on mine, it made me hard as a rock. It was even worse when Rich picked up a complete sausage and slid it into his mouth. "You do have a knife Richard" said Mum, she only used his gay russian male escourts full name when telling him off. She didn't realise he was doing it to tease me, both our parents would explode if they knew the real reason, I suppose one day we russian naked art girl would have to tell them that they would never be grandparents. After our meal Rich and I did the dishes as we always did then I went back russian sweet ass to our room to my homework. russian dogfuck A few minutes later Rich came tiny tiny russian girls in stood behind me, draped his arms over my shoulders and pushed his tongue into my left ear, I almost shot my bolt on the spot. "I think you better go back downstairs" I said. "Why, I'd much rather be here with my lover" Rich coeod in my ear "Firstly I will never finish my homework, second I don't want to waste boys sex russian the contents of my balls inside my boxers" I replied. "You could always pump it into my mouth" he giggled. "No way, I'm saving this for later, I'm schoolgirl russian pics going to slide this baby between your soft round cheeks and stretch your cute little rosebud and fill you so full of hot creamy spunk it will run out free nude russian dating of your mouth" I told him. My brothers eyes were shining with love and lust as he said, "I've been waiting for two years for this beauty, I suppose I can wait for another couple of hours, promise you will save it for me John" "No worry Rich, I promise that from now on every time I cum my dick will be in your hand, your mouth or your bum and I want every drop of your man milk" When my homework was finished I went down stairs and challenged my Dad to a game of chess, I won the first game and the second went on for ages so I purposely made a wrong move giving him the game. "I can't believe you did that, you gave the game away" Dad said. "Yeah, I guess I must be tired, also I didn't want you to sulk after losing two games in a row" I said as I laughed "You cheeky bugger, I can kick russian nude dating your ass anytime" he replied. "I'm going to hit the sack" I said, russian dating chat "Don't make to much noise when you come russian portrait photographers up Rich" "I think I will come best russian ass up now, I don't want to risk upsetting my big brother" Rich said. As we walked up the stairs I said, "The only way you could upset me tonight is to tell me you don't want sex"................"No chance of that, well tonight anyway" he replied with a laugh. Once inside the bedroom we explored each others mouths using our tongues as a probe, as we slowly undressed each nude russian gallery other. We couldn't start anything serious until we heard Mum and Dad go to bed. We only had to wait ten minutes. Rich had already pushed his bed against mine so we had a stage 6x6 on which to perform, this was our opening night, russian hard core sex we didn't have an audience but I was 100% sure that the two performers would love it. We heard the bathroom door twice then we heard the final click as Dad closed their bedroom door, then we started. russian illegal baby nude Once again Rich tried to suck my tongue russian flexy girls from my mouth and then I tried the same on him, I'm sure there must have been an octupus in our family years back as it felt as if Rich had ten hands, russian daughter fucking I was pretty much the same, I wanted to touch every part of his lovely body. My brother was the most wonderful guy in the world to me, the body I had been lusting after for three years was finally mine. I wanted to do everything I could to give him pleasure and russian mafia pornography to get my own pleasure as I did, and I knew that was what he wanted gallery of russian sluts as well I moved myself into a sixty nine position with both of us on our sides and we proceeded to worship our most private parts, it was almost as if we only had one brain, as russian lessons porno download I did something Rich did the same at the same moment. russian nude art photography I kissed the tip of his cock and swirled my tongue around the head tasting my lovers essence the tried to force my tongue into his large piss slit and he gave me some more of his precum. I had always wondered in my fantasies, russian boys imgboard what if I russian dolls porn don't like cum, I wouldn't be able to blow my partner, but I discovered last night that I could drink Richs' juice for ever. I moved my russian female writers lips onto his balls, taking then both into my mouth and rolling them around, I was almost delirious as he did the same to me, then I moved on to the area behind his ball russian tgp video sac edging nearer to my destination, his sweet rosebud I worried for a moment whether we could take each other inside, whenever I had fingered myself my bum had always seemed pretty tight and we were both fairly well built in the dick department, well for fifteen and fourteen year olds. I surprised myself as I moved closer to my target, I wasn't at all grossed that I was going to kiss and lick my lovers back door, in fact I was eager to taste Rich, I had already discovered I loved the smell and taste of his cock and balls now I wanted his sweet little opening. I was becoming more and more excited as I felt my brothers tongue on the little area between my balls and my bum, I had discovered on the internet that it was called the perineum and was a very sensitive area. They weren't wrong, we both spasmed as our tongues did their work, I hadn't thought things could get any better but with each move we made I was reaching a greater russian family nude home high. I knew that Rich was feeling the same, I could feel a sort of electric current passing between us. Just as my tongue reached my lovers tiny pink opening, a naked russian thumbnails shudder ran through my body, Richs' tongue had touched my rosebud, it was the thrill of my life, well up to that time anyway, but things improved with each move we made. I rolled my tongue into a sort of spear and pushed against his puckered opening. Rich slowly opened up to give way to my tongue and I gently slipped inside, I pushed again and again until my lips were in his crack and his warm flesh was hugging my oral lance. The combination of his bum and his tongue made me feel I was in heaven. I knew I wanted to make love to xxx russian casting couch outdoor russian Rich and I also nude rape kids russian knew that he was eager to get my dick inside him, russian girls porn photo I had a bad feeling though, I was scared I might hurt him. I decided to try a thing I had read russians pussies in Nifty stories, use my fingers to stretch his free nude russian index entrance. russian galeri sexy During the lunch hour that day I had slipped out of school and bought some russian nude girl wallpaper KY jelly, I bought a couple of things as well so that it seemed more natural. I reached for the tube under the bed and squeezed some on my middle finger then slipped it into Rich. "Hey, whats that, it's cold but it feels good" said Rich. "It's KY plus my finger little Brother, does it hurt" I asked "No, it was just the cold, your finger fells ace, it's the first time anything other than my finger has been in there, you must have picked up on the live russian girls KY from Nifty like I did, I bought some as well" Rich said "If that's OK can I try two fingers" I asked Yes, put them in, I think you will have to try three before you try your monster cock, that's what I really want, russian uncut boys for two years I've looked at your beautiful dick as you played with it and dreamed about it being inside me" replied Rich. I slipped two fingers between his cheeks and moved about a bit until he suddenly jumped. "I'm sorry, I hurt you" I said "No worry John, you didn't hurt me, I think you found my prostate it felt terrific, when your penis and my prostate collide I think I will pass russian lollita porn out with the thrill, will you try three now" It was more difficult when I added the third finger but nude russian kidz he took it without trouble. "John if you don't give me your dick I will shoot all over your chest" Rich said. "Don't you dare, I want that for myself" I said. Rich turned onto his back and lifted his knees russian scam org up to his chest. His pink rosebud looked so tiny but I felt certain he could take me so greased up my lovestick so that I could make love to my brother. I bukakke movie russian moved my dick up and down between his cheeks a couple of times, then as we looked into each others eyes, I russian sex forum touched the tip of my thobbing tool against his entrance.... More to cum......I stopped there hoping you would make a mess of your pants and 15 y.o russian nudes make sure you come back for Part 2.... All comments to, I hope you enjoyed it. Have you read "Danny" and "Cherry Picking" in Beginnings, or "Private Study" in Adult/Youth
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